Colour Prediction Game Source Code Free Download

color prediction games are the most trending topic these days, and if you’re looking for colour prediction game source code to start your own game, today I will provide links to download it for free.

Having a colour prediction game website is a kind of business. you can earn real money from this website and players also can earn real money by playing on your site. 

If you already know how to make a colour prediction game and what are the requirements for this, download the source code from the link below and start making the website for free.


Making a colour prediction website is not easy for a nontechnical guy if you have some knowledge of website development or any technical knowledge of websites then you can make it.

If you do not know how to make a website or how websites work, then you have to learn this basic thing first or you can follow this YouTube video as a guide to create the website. 

Colour prediction game setup video

Requirements to make the website.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Source code
  4. Payment gateway
  5. Sms service provider

These five things are the most important things you need to create a colour prediction website. The development process is not an easy task, follow the setup video for better understanding. If you can’t understand the process the better option is to hire a website developer.


  • Domain and hosting
    Buy a domain name and hosting based on your budget and traffic. Choose the right hosting for better website speed and smooth processing of your site.
  • Source code
    The choice of the right source code for your site is most important, this is the main component of your site. a source code can change everything on your website. If you are a beginner you can go with the free source code. if you have some budget then go with the premium for better service and quality. 
  • Payment Gateway
    You can use the UPI ID or register your site with a payment gateway to give a better payment experience to customers.
  • SMS provider
    you need an SMS service provider for the customer signup OTP. you can go with

Features available in the source code 


Registered Users Features-

New users can register through the registration page.

Registered users can login with a valid mobile number and password.

Easy password reset option.

Player can Update their Profile.

player  Can Update their Password

Players can play color prediction games.

Players can make money through color prediction games.

Players can update their bank records for withdrawal.

Players can monitor their wallet.

Players can monitor all betting records.

Players can monitor all deposit records.

Players can monitor all withdrawal records.

Players can send withdrawal requests to the admin.

Players can earn money from referral programs.

Admin features 

Admin Login

Manage all registered Users (edit, delete, update).

Admin can see all betting records of the game.

Monitor all Deposit records of Users

Manage all bank records of Users provided for withdrawal.

Admin can Monitor withdrawal requests from Users.

send payment to Users.

update payment withdrawal requests.

Admin can see withdrawal records of Users.

Admin can see  referral records of Users.

Manage wallet balance records

Admin can update slider images

update rules of the game.

update privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Monitor all profit records.

Algorithm of Colour Prediction Game 

Colour prediction website is developed in PHP language. The algorithm generates random results based on the calculations of Users betting behavior. 

The owner of a colour prediction game has full control to show any result. The algorithm generates random results but it has some patterns and most of the results come where the bet amount is less. 

For example, if two players play a game, one player bets 500 rupees on the GREEN color and another player bets 1000 rupees on the RED color, the game algorithm shows the result GREEN. The algorithm shows the result in favor of the website owner, that’s why 90% of the players lose the game.

How to Crack Colour Prediction Game

Win games on any colour prediction website is not easy. As you know how the colour prediction game algorithm works creaking or hacking these websites are not possible but using some tricks and tips you can win the game.

Following the color patterns and controlling the betting behavior are the only options to win the game, people are selling fake software in the name of colour prediction game hacks stay away from these kinds of fake products.

if you want a guide or tricks on how to win the game and want to know the secrets of this industry then you can download our 100% working colour prediction game guide. 

Last words

Colour prediction website development is a pure business you can start your color game website with the free source code, download it, and develop your site for free.

If you have some budget go with the premium codes make the site premium and give the users more options to play and win real money.