[Updated Official] Blenders Pride Price in West Bengal – Kolkata

If you are from West Bengal or plan to visit Kolkata and want to know the Blenders Pride price in West Bengal, then I will help you to find out the latest prices of all the variants and sizes of BP (Blenders Pride) in West Bengal and kolkata.

Before deep diving into the article, here is the price of Blenders Pride Reserve in Kolkata and other districts of West Bengal. This price list data is taken from the West Bengal official Excise Department website excise.wb.gov.in

Blenders pride price in west bengal

Blenders Pride Reserve Price in KolkataVolumePrice
Blenders Pride Reserve Price in Kolkata180ml₹340
BP Reserve Price in Kolkata375ml₹630
BP 750 price in kolkata750ml₹911

In 1995, Pernod Ricard launched Blenders Pride in india. Blender Pride Reserve whiskey is an Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malt. Pernod Ricard is a French company established in 1975.

Pernod Ricard is a very huge alcohol manufacturing company. They have hundreds of whisky, vodka, and wine brands around the world. Some of the Indian whiskey brands are Royal Stag, Imperial Blue, FUEL Vodka, Blenders Pride and many more. 

If you’re checking for Royal Stag price in India, click to get the Updated price list. 

At the beginning of this company in India, they launched only one variant named Blenders Pride. Later on, Pernod Ricard introduced some new variants on the market. 

Product NameBlenders Pride
Introduced Year1995
Alcohol percentage42.8%
CompanyPernod Ricard

According to the Excise Department of West Bengal, three Blenders pride variations are available in West Bengal. These variants are available in different sizes: 180ml, 375ml and 750ml.

  1. Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky
  2. Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky (GIFT PACK)

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky (GIFT PACK) is only available in 750ml size. 

Blender Price in Kolkata and West Bengal 

Here is the complete list of Blenders Pride (BP) prices in West Bengal and Kolkata in different variants and sizes. 

Brand NameMeasureMRP(₹)
Seagrams Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky180 Ml.₹ 340
375 Ml.₹ 630
750 Ml.₹ 911
Seagrams Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky (GIFT PACK)750 Ml.₹ 1,110
375 Ml.₹ 520
750 Ml.₹ 980

 Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

In December 2011, Pride Reserve launched India’s most expensive Indian-made whiskey, Blenders Pride Reserve. This was the most costly whisky in india at that time. Blenders Pride Reserve is a popular whiskey brand among West Bengal and kolkata whiskey lovers. 

We don’t promote alcohol. I hope you’re an adult and make your own decision. You can choose Blenders Pride Reserve for casual or occasional drinking. Most of the Blenders Pride whiskey contains 42% alcohol. 

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Q1: What are the prices of Blenders Pride Reserve in Kolkata, West Bengal?

The prices for Blenders Pride Reserve in Kolkata are ₹340 for 180ml, ₹630 for 375ml, and ₹911 for 750ml.

Q2: Who manufactures Blenders Pride whiskey?

Blenders Pride whiskey is manufactured by Pernod Ricard, a French company established in 1975.

Q3: Are there different variants of Blenders Pride available in West Bengal?

Yes, in West Bengal, three Blenders Pride variants are available in sizes of 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml.

Last words

I hope you find the Blenders Pride price in West Bengal. I tried to give you the official price of Blenders Pride for all the available variants and sizes. Find the nearby wine store or order Blender Pride online and enjoy the moments. Thank you. 

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